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SW Regional FAR 147 PAMA Olympics

  • 23 Feb 2013
  • TCC Northwest Campus - Aviation Building

First, the Southwest Region of PAMA appreciates that you are considering visiting our 2013 Olympics.  The FAR 147 Olympics actually started 5 years ago when the National PAMA Symposium was held at the American Airlines Training Center.  It was open to everyone and Tarrant County College was tasked to “throw” something together as a competition. There were FAR 147 schools in attendance with a school from Atlanta Georgia doing very well indeed.  This gave birth to the idea of holding a Southwest Region PAMA Olympics specifically geared specifically for the FAR 147 schools. 

We’ve had our growing pains (I know this personally) and we always honing the competition.  Tarrant County College has hosted the competition since it became a FAR 147 competition four years ago.  They are centrally located.  TCC’s continuing Education created a “no fee” class to cover the required $1,000,000 liability and the schools also have a “no-fee” entry. 

This competition’s focus has always been to bring the various FAR 147 schools together to exchange ideas (coaches and faculty) and allow the Olympians to interact and network with other future aviation professionals.  And, of course, have a good time.

The major sponsors for the event are the Northwest Campus Tarrant County College Aviation Department who supplies the facility and a central committee to manage the event and caters the lunch.  They are absolutely separate from the day-to-day operations of the department and keep all decisions about the Olympics secret.  Snap-On Tools furnishes the tools and prizes for the 1st 2nd and 3rd place individual winners.  And, we have corporate America sponsoring the individual laboratories and judging the competition. 

The DFW Chapter of PAMA is also a major sponsor.  We provide the trophies, certificates, morning donuts and coffee and are on the central committee.  I am the TCC PAMA Representative thereby there are no other faculty members from TCC involved with the competition.

Our goal is to have 50 Olympians at every competition.  Our largest number thus far is 35.  It would be super to fill to capacity and force new planning objectives to allow more to attend. 

We have Operation C.H.A.O.S. that is managed by John Eslinger.  John started the concept of a FAR 147 competition in the late 1980 or early 90’s.  He is the original deal.  Operation C.H.O.A.S is a fun event that puts the visiting coaches and staff to take a load of junk and make something work.  And, of course the results are graded by the Olympians.  Please consider joining us.  The handbook is at www.pamadfw.com.

Curt Landrum

DFW Chapter of PAMA


2013 Southwest Region FAR 147 PAMA Olympics Manager

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